image of a cnc lathe

The Machining Process

These are the steps to getting a part machined

  1. The part is designed.
  2. A print, a 3D model, or both are sent to the shop.
  3. The part is quoted by the shop.
  4. Once the PO is issued material and the necessary tooling is ordered.
  5. Based on the model or drawing the G-code (the code that runs the machine) is generated usually using a CAM program.
  6. The machine is set up. This requires setting the correct offsets, setting up tools and setting up work holding that will hold the stock.
  7. The part is machined in as many setups as necessary
  8. The part is post processed. This can include deburring (getting rid of sharp edges and burrs), polishing, plating, anodizing or many other processes.
  9. Part is delivered.